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The Beginner’s Guide To International Travel Part 4: Consider Your Budget

🛫 The Beginner’s Guide To International Travel 🛬

Part 4:

Consider Your Budget

The one thing that a person must take into consideration when they travel, is the money that is needed inj order to make the whole trip possible in the long run as it pays for accommodation, food, attractions, activities that you want to do while you are there as well as attend some event. The money that you spend are on things that are on your bucket list to tick and that you love. Save your money so that you can splurge on things that you’ll always remember.

Euro Currency

All over the world, they use different currency. the most popular currency is known as Pound, Dollor, Euro and Rand, but  their is a total of 47 currencies.

💰"Its Not The Money That Matters, Its How You Use It That Determines Its True Value!"💸

Muscles Clams Topped with beetroot with crushed nuts

Different currencies can get one night in a fancy hotel or go out for an incredible meal rather than shelling out cash for Starbucks or other forgettable expenses. Once you have a “splurge versus save” list for your destination, you can start planning

So, which are you;
"Fancy Hotels and Meals VS Starbucks and forgettable expenses"

 Comment Below ↡

Hotel In Spain

Monday, 15 May 2017

The Beginner’s Guide To International Travel Part 3: Check for Visas & Travel Requirements

🛫 The Beginner’s Guide To International Travel 🛬

Part 3:

Check for Visas & Travel Requirements

BEFORE Anything Else... Before you start booking tickets and accommodation, check on travel requirements. Ultimately, you can show up with no reservations and make it work but not having the right visa will stop you in your tracks. You must check, if you need a Visa for the designated destination that you have chosen.

What is a Visa?

A Visa is a certificate issued but also the stamp marked (on the applicant's passport) by the immigration authorities of a country to indicate that the applicant's credentials have been verified and he or she has been granted permission to enter the country for a temporary stay within a specified period. This permission, however, is provisional and subject to the approval of the immigration officer at the entry point.
The common types of visas include:

Single entry visa: valid only for one visit.
Multiple entry visa: allows any number of visits within its validity period.Business visa: for a short visit to conduct discussions, negotiations, and/or presentations, but not to take up employment.
Tourist visa: allows freedom to move around the country and briefly cross its frontiers to another country and return
Residence visa: allows an extended stay but does not grant permission to take up employment.
Work visa: gives the permission to stay and take up employment, for a specific job and only for a limited period. Called also work permit
Electronic visa: permission recorded in a computer instead of being issued as a certificate or stamp.
Once you have check, if you need a visa you will proceed to; Check for recommended or required vaccinations is also very important. I ALWAYS check the Center for Disease Controls website to confirm which vaccinations I need.

South African Requirement to Apply for A Visa:
A passport valid for no less than 30 days after the expiry of the intended visit, and at least 1 unused page for entry/departure endorsements (sometimes referred to as the visa page).
Payment of the prescribed fee, if applicable
A vaccination certificate, if required (travel through the yellow fever belts)
Documentation confirming the purpose and duration of your visit.
Two identity photographs.
Proof of financial means in the form of bank statements; salary advices; undertakings by your hosts in South Africa; bursaries; medical cover; cash available.
Travelling by air a return ticket
I have a South African and a Portuguese Passport.

Let me know what are the requirements needed in your country to Apply for a Visa;
or if you have Double Passport...

Beginner’s Guide To International Travel Part 2: Research Your Dream Destination

🛫 Beginner’s Guide To International Travel 🛬

Part 2: 

Research Your Dream Destination

I am absolutely sure that, we all have our dream destination being it Rome, Paris, Spain, England, Panama... the list can go on for ages, well my list goes on for that long, but have no fear, if you have no idea or not sure where to go? There are many social media platforms that can help you from "
Pinterest", "We Heart It"," and so on...

So get on; type in destinations in the search bar and go find your next location.Whenever I’m struck by wanderlust, I dig around Pinterest until I find my dream destination. There are so many amazing places in the world, so keep your eyes open.


Don’t be afraid to get off the beaten path.
BUT... their are 3 contributing factors, when choosing a majestic dream location; One of the biggest aspects to take into consideration with your place of destination is your Financing, which will be discussed later in part 4 of Beginner's Guide To International Travel. Interests also play a huge roll when it comes to deciding on a place of destination so, If a place catches your eye, start researching. Read about other travelers’ experiences and droll over their pics. It won’t take long for you to have a must-visit list that’s a mile long. Lastly, we have out own drawn up Bucket-list which helps us decide on out destination.

Matthew, Celine and I in Poland for♰World Youth Day♰, 2016

The places I have been to:

Dream Destinations:
and many more!!!

Let me know where you have been and your dream destinations...

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Beginner’s Guide To International Travel Part 1: Apply For A Passport

🛫 The Beginner’s Guide To International Travel 🛬

Part 1:

Apply For A Passport

When you are travelling internationally, your passport is your most prized possession. IMPORTANT: Your Nr.1 goal is to keep that little book safe and ready to go.

If you need a passport, you need to plan well in advance so that you have it before your journey actually begins.

The actual requirement for a PASSPORT differ from country to country...

In South Africa you have 4 different types of passports known as:

The Regular Passport are issued to South African Applicants who are 16 years old and older. They are valid for 10 years and are not renewable. When South African passport expire, new passport applications will have to be filled.

Child Passport are issued to children who are 15 years and younger. These passports are not renewable. On expiry, applications for new passports will have to be filled.

Emergency Travel Certificates are issued to South Africans who have to travel back home urgently for reason. It is in a page form and may be issued with validity ranging from month to a year. Applicants for emergency travel certificates must also apply for permanent passport.

Maxi Passport are 48-page document meant for frequent travellers. they are the same as regular passports that are valid for 10 years except that they have extra pages to provide for more visa pages

The requirements to apply for a passport are as followed :

  • A duly completed passport application form DHA-73
  • Your original identity document and a copy, or a birth certificate and copy thereof if under 16
  • If under 18 years, parental consent for issuing of the passport.
  • A completed determination of citizenship Form DHA-529  when applying from abroad
  • Present any existing valid tourist passport or if you have lost or stolen your passport and you are applying for a new passport and confirmation that you reported the loss to the police.
  • Two colour photographs that comply with the Passport and ID Photograph Specifications
  • Pay the prescribed fee for the passport

At the moment, most South African passport applications are processed in 3 to 4 weeks, but it is better to give yourself as much time as possible. As you defiantly do not want to be stalking the postman days before your trip, if their is any unexpected delays from the governments department.
Keep In Mind GLOBAL ENTRY...


The Beginners Guide To International Travel

🛫 The Beginner’s Guide To International Travel 🛬

The next few posts of mine are going to be based around guidelines for individuals who want to travel international... in our live time there is one thing that should be on every person’s bucket list, PING, PING, PING. 

YES, you got it "international travel"...

So whether you go to a bordering country or halfway around the world, there is still so much to see and you definitely don’t want to miss out. Traveling has completely changed my life. It has opened up my eyes to so many different, beautiful and amazing things like culture, values, beliefs, history and so much more that I would have never seen.

As a person we have probably always gone on holiday with family or friends, or maybe gone on school tours for sports, arts and drama and so on, but to say so my self if tends to be scary and overwhelming when you take your first international trip by yourself. It requires a lot of time and effort to prepare for the GRAND VOYGE of being solo (on your own, if you didn't know what that meant), but "Have NO fair as 'NikNaX' is here...  i'll be telling you what you need, which is easier then you think.

This topic will go on for 8 parts , to everything that you

need to know about international travel!

1. Apply For a Passport

2. Research Tour Dream Destination

3. Check For Visas & Travel Requirements

4. Consider Your Budget

4. Plan An Itinerary

5. Book Your Flight

6. Book Your Accommodation

7. Go!

8. Stay Safe